Red Hat Partner Program

Why Join...

...the Solution Provider or Corporate Reseller Track?

Red Hat leads in generating benefits from commoditization of formerly expensive and proprietary solutions. Community based Open Source and Open Standards are the drivers of the commoditization.
Red Hat's history proves its leadership. Think about how Unix to Linux migration became a major subject to IT decision maker in the past and remain to date – these days, the same happens with middleware and virtualization and Red Hat and our Open Source products are prime enablers for these trends.

Active Red Hat partners benefit from the commodity drift, which provides a profitable way for making business. And here is why:

  • Affordable, attractive solutions, built on and with Red Hat / JBoss...
  • ... replace technologies which have previously been available only at sky high cost - now available and affordable for a broader customer base. Think about how e.g. proprietary Clustering, Database Servers and now Virtualization solutions have become accessible for everyone through Open Source and Red Hat!
  • ... are the simplest possible way of expanding your customer base. You are sure to find open doors with the value you can bring to new customers running legacy solutions at enormous cost!
  • ...strengthen your relationship and trust in you as a valued advisor for your clients.
  • You are supported by a strong brand! Red Hat ranks first among software vendors in meeting expectations for value and reliability (CIO Insight's Survey with IT Executives).
  • Your bottom line matters! Easier and faster solution building with Red Hat is made possible through Open Source and Open Standards, which result in easy integration and minimized risk
  • Repeatable, expandable business due to annual subscriptions of Red Hat products
  • Being a Red Hat Partner means increasing your potential for service business growth. Integrating Red Hat and JBoss technology and brand into your service portfolio means recognition as a true leader in Open Source within your target markets and customers.

As you can see, being a Red Hat business partner can bring out all these strategic advantages for you. The partner program allows you to access the tools we provide to make the most out of your opportunities with Red Hat. Now it is just a matter of making the first step!

“Red Hat's latest moves in providing a value-based partner program and a clear channel model are exactly what we look for in selecting our partnerships. The business opportunities around Red Hat make them an attractive choice, and the channel-centric sales model provides us with confidence for further investments in the partnership and the mutual success.“ -- Phil Hall, Deputy Managing Director at Valtech Ltd.

...the ISV Program Track?

Demand for open source solutions is growing faster than ever. So you could be missing out on new business if your software only runs on proprietary platforms. Start taking advantage of this opportunity today. Become a Red Hat Ready ISV Partner and enable your software products to work with Red Hat infrastructure and JBoss middleware products. Becoming a partner is:

  • Easy short registration process
  • Fast rapid approval confirmation
  • Free no membership fee

The Red Hat ISV Partner Program helps you open the door to new markets and develop your software. As a Red Hat Ready ISV Partner you will receive free access to:

  • Software: Red Hat Developer Subscription & access to early release software
  • Access to Partner Helpdesk & Global Learning Services
  • Partner Program logo usage
  • ISV Application listed in Partner Locator

But that’s just the start. As a Red Hat Advanced ISV Partner, you’ll receive a range of additional benefits, from co-marketing initiatives to bid-specific sales assistance.

Partner Helpdesk Email:
Toll Free: 00800 7334 2888