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RH302 RHCE (RHEL5) - Exam Only


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Exam Summary:

The RHCE Certification Lab Exam is hands-on and performance based. It tests the candidate’s actual skills in Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation, configuration, debugging, and setup of key networking services.

The RHCE Exam can be bundled with RH300, the RHCE Rapid Track course, but may be taken separately if the candidate is already an expert with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.


A Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administrator who has been tested by means of the RHCE Exam, a realistic performance-based lab exam that tests his/her actual ability to: install and configure Red Hat Enterprise Linux; understand limitations of hardware; configure networking and file systems; configure the X Window System; configure security, set up common network (IP) services, carry out diagnostics and troubleshooting, and perform essential Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administration.


  • people who have taken the exam before but have not passed it
  • people who have taken the Standard Track (i.e., RH033, RH133, RH253) as preparation for the exam
  • people who have taken the RH301 Red Hat Linux Rapid Track coursev
  • people who have taken the exam under an earlier version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, but are conversant in the current version and wish to update their certification
  • people with extensive system administration experience on the current version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, or with extensive experience on a recent version who are also familiar with changes between that version and the current version who have prepared for the exam on their own
  • Red Hat strongly recommends that experienced Unix system administrators new to Red Hat Linux take RH300 Rapid Track Course, as it will provide the most direct migration of their existing skills and the most concise preparation for the exam.
  • System administrators with experience on operating systems such as Windows NTTM, Windows 2000TM, and NetWareTM who are not familiar with Linux or Unix should take the Standard Track of RH033, RH133, and RH253 before sitting for the exam.


  • Real-world system administration experience is an important aspect of preparation for the exam. Study without such experience is unlikely to result in success.
  • Prospective enrollees in RH302 should consider taking one or more of Red Hat´s RHCE courses in preparation for the exam, such as RH301.
  • To assist you in determining if you have sufficient system administration knowledge to take RH302, try taking the following pre-assessment questionnaires:

Exam Format and Assessment Criteria:

The certification exam consists of one part conducted in a single day session. The exam is performance-based, meaning that candidates must perform tasks on a live system, rather than answering questions about how one might perform those tasks.


The RHCE Exam consist of one section lasting 3.5 hours.

In order to pass the Red Hat Certified Engineer exam, candidates must meet all of the following requirements:

  • 70 percent or more on the RHCT-level skills.
  • 70 percent or more on the RHCE-level skills.

These last two requirements enable RHCEs to demonstrate that they possess both RHCT-level and RHCE-level skills, as well as enabling a person who only has RHCT level skills to earn RHCT if they pass the required competencies.

Candidates will be emailed exam results within three US business days following the exam.

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